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Detail Pack - Le Prieur Rocket Pack for Nieuport 17


A superior level of detail...

A unique feature of Microaces aircraft is the level of detail included in a 1/24th scale model aircraft that actually flies. But you can take it even further by adding a Microaces Detail Pack.

The Le Prieur Rocket Pack for Nieuport 17 is designed to be used with the Microaces Nieuport 17 aircraft kit and is an amazing addition to the overall look of the aircraft both in the air and on display.

Invented by Frenchman Yves Le Prieur, the Prieur Rocket was an early air to air incendiary missile used against observation balloons and airships. Mounted on the interplane struts of fighter aircraft such as the N17, they were fired electrically from a switch in the cockpit.

The Microaces Detail Pack provides you with two racks, rocket pipes and decorative decal sheet. The entire assembly of eight rockets weighs less than 1 gram.

NOTE: Aircraft in images is not included. For illustrative purposes only.

Video Assembly Guide

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