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Microaces LED Lighting Kit



Whether you want to fly late into the calm evenings or would like to further enhance your scale project, the Microaces LED Lighting Packs gives you many options to add LED lights to your model.

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  • LED Control Unit
  • 2 x Red LED
  • 1 x  Green LED
  • 1 x White LED


  • LED Control Unit
  • 2 x Red LED
  • 1 x  Green LED
  • 2 x White LED
  • 1 x LED Y Cable


LED Control Unit

The LED Control Unit (LCU) has 4 standard LED ports, 2 RGB LED ports and a connector to allow the unit to be programmed from PC*. 

The LCU plugs into any spare port (JST-SH) on your receiver. You then need to configure that port to a 3 way switch within your transmitter settings. The LCU with all connectors weighs 1.6g

LED Lights

Available in Red, Green or White, the small 3mm diameter bulb shaped LED provides a bright, clear and very visible light. All LEDs come with connector to the LCU and a 320mm long, lightweight cable.  Each LED light with cable & connector weighs 0.6g.

LED Y Cable (inc. in Kit B)

Using the LED Y cable, you can run 2 LEDs from one port if requried. There are also extension cables available to get the lights to where you need them. The LED Y cable with all connectors weighs 0.4g

LCU Specification

 Size:  22mm x 12mm x 4mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 1.6g including sockets & cables
Connectors: 1 x JST-SH socket to receiver. 1 x JST-SH M-BUS socket
LED Connectors: 4 x standard LED  2 x RGB LED
Op. Voltage: 3.7 - 7.4V (1 cell and 2 cell Lipo)

*The programming feature on the LCU will be activated later in 2022. All current LCUs are set up to use this feature once available. It will require the addition of an interface card.

You can further customize your LED lighting system using additional LED component parts available on microaces.com:

LED Colour Pack

LED Extension Cable Pack

LED Y Cable Pack

 Download LCU Instructions

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