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'Double Trouble' Microaces Airco DH.2 & Sopwith Triplane


Microaces Double Trouble Pack

As the Airco DH.2 and Sopwith Triplane have been announced together we thought it would be a great idea to offer a pack that includes both kits.

Airco DH.2 'Lanoe Hawker' 

The Airco DH.2 was designed by none other than Geoffrey de Havilland, taking its first flight in 1915. The rear mounted prop provided great forward vision and, of course, prior to the invention of the interrupter mechanism, resolved the problem of forward facing armament shooting off the prop!

At its introduction to WWI, the DH.2 successfully put an end to the period known as the Fokker Scourge, countering the dominance of the Fokker Eindecker in the late summer of 1915.

Lanoe Hawker, who flew this particular ship, was not only a British ace and the recipient of the Victoria Cross, he was an ingenious mind too; the disintegrating machine gun belt and the double capacity Vickers ammunition drum were just some of his collaborative inventions. 

Sadly Lanoe was killed in the DH.2 by none other than Manfred von Richthofen in his Albatross DII on November 23rd 1916.

Kit Specific Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the restricted layout of the DH.2, the Microaces kit employs an inventive method of control. To operate it there is a specific arrangement of servos and receiver that are available on the Microaces Website:

DH.2 Electronics Pack which includes the mirrored linear servos plus receiver.

OR if you require the motor and pusher prop too:

DH.2 Flight Pack which includes the DH.2 Electronics Pack above AND also includes the Long Prop Shaft Motor/Gearbox and GWS4530R Pusher Prop and Adapter.


Sopwith Triplane 'Dixie' N6290

The Sopwith Triplane (affectionately nicknamed 'Tripehound') was the first military triplane in combat service and, due to its successful debut, sparked a craze with German aircraft manufacturers to create no fewer than 34 copycat prototypes.

Compared to its rivals, the Sopwith Triplane was very agile with a superior rate of climb, a higher service ceiling and very well harmonized controls.

A full scale Sopwith Triplane in Dixie livery exists as part of the Shuttleworth Collection. It is often flown at airshows and event in the UK and was very much an inspiration for this particular kit.

The Microaces 'Tripehound' comes complete with a vac-formed cowl and a spinning Clerget 9B dummy rotary engine kit, that adds an incredible level of mechanical detail to this astounding model.  

NOTE: The dummy motor requires an elongated prop shaft for your PKZ3624 motor/gearbox or use a 'rotary ready' Microaces Motor/Gearbox. 

Kit Electronics Requirements

The Triplane kit was designed around the Parkzone/Microaces Aero Flight Pack with long prop shaft motor. 

 Assembly Guides


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