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All In One (AIO) Receiver Flight Pack HYPER with SR3X Stabilization


A very neat, small footprint Flight Pack solution for micro RC aircraft of all types that are designed for one cell Lipo and brushed motor operation.

The PLUS pack includes a larger coreless motor for increased performance.

Based around the All-In-One (AIO) 5 channel receiver with two on-board linear servos, two additional servo plugs, a 2 pin 1.27mm pitch socket for a brushed motor and a power lead for 1 cell Lipo operation (UM connector).

The NEW 8.5 x 20mm HYPER coreless brushed motor and gearbox provides enough power to efficiently turn props up to 5" in diameter and is suitable for models up to 100g. (Max thrust is 45-55g depending on prop size and battery used). 

AND now ALSO includes a programmable* 3 axis stabilization system, integrated into the AIO receiver.

  • Two programmable levels of stabilization
  • Separate gain control over each axis within each level of stabilization.
  • Full control over allocation of ports on the receiver through app.

* Using PG02 USB interface tool and FREE Crossover RX app. for Windows


Select your required AIO Receiver Compatibility, Propeller Size AND Prop Shaft Length from the drop down menus before adding to cart. 

Flight Pack Includes:

  • AIO 5CH Micro Receiver with SR3X Stabilization
  • 8.5 x 20mm HYPER Motor
  • Gearbox with choice of prop shaft length
  • Choice of GWS propellers
  • Rubber Prop Adapter
  • Double Sided Servo Tape to attach receiver
  • Receiver binding instructions

 Installation Super Hack


AIO Receiver Specification

Size:  24.5mm x 22.5mm x 8.4mm
Weight: 3.5g
Voltage: 3.5 - 5.0v
ESC: Brushed 3A
Servo arm travel: 7mm
Pull: 35g @ 4.2v
Plug/Socket type: Servo:JST-SH | Battery:UM Type | Motor:2 Pin 1.27mm pitch
Stabilization: SR3X 3 axis, 3 selectable settings, fully programmable
Compatibility: DSM2/X, S-FHSS, D8, D16 or AFHDS 2A protocols.
Suitability: For micro models up to aprox. 100g 


Recommended Battery Specification:

200-300 mAh 1S Lipo with UM style connector. 

Example: E-Flite EFLB3001S25


Click below to download app:

Crossover RX Windows Interface

Receiver included in photographic image is of the DSM2/X compatible unit. Colours and ID numbers may vary between units.

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