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GWS Micro Propeller & Adapter


GWS Props

GWS produce some of the best and most durable propellers for micro scale flight.

Choose from a selection of diameters and pitches for the ideal prop for your model.

All props are now supplied with a Microaces Rubber Prop Adapter allowing secure attachment of the prop to 1.5mm diameter prop shaft.

Prop nomenclature explained

GWS prop numbers provide you with the specification of the prop:

e.g. a GWS5030 prop has a diameter of 5.0" and a pitch of 3.0" (hence '5030')

The pitch of a prop refers to it's 'bite'. For every rotation of the prop, the prop will move forward by the pitch dimension in a static medium. So the larger the pitch number, the more 'aggressive' the bite.

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