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Detail Pack - Fokker D.VII MGs & Engine


A superior level of detail...

 A unique feature of Microaces aircraft is the level of detail included in a 1/24th scale model aircraft that actually flies. But you can take it even further by adding a Microaces Detail Pack.

The Fokker D.VII MGs & Engine Detail Pack is designed to fit current and first generation Fokker D.VII kits; both 3 and 4 Channel models.

The Detail Pack Includes:

  • The exposed top of the Mercedes D.III 6 cylinder in-line engine, precisely re-created with rocker covers, rocker arms, valve springs, cam shaft and cam shaft end housings PLUS the deflection plates either side of the engine, protecting it from stray rounds from the MGs.
  • The exhaust trumpet with thinned walls and deep cavity plus a plate to mount it directly onto the existing hatch.
  • Two 7.92 mm LMG 08/15 "Spandau" machine guns with detailed firing mechanism, sights and hollow and slotted cooling jacket.

The total additional weight of the detail pack (over the existing parts) is 1.2g and doesn't seem to effect the CoG in tests & flight.

Parts supplied on 3D printed resin sprue and are unpainted. Installation does require some minor modification of the original aircraft. Painting and installation instructions are provided with the Pack.

(IMAGES - Aircraft / 3D Pilot not included - for illustrative purposes only.)

If you haven't already, don't forget to grab a 3D pilot too; for a complete kit makeover!

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