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Microaces Banshee Airace 'GREEN 13'


A BRAND NEW Microaces Kit - Four Channels of FUN!


 Microaces Banshee is a brand new kit that uses lots of advanced material and innovative methods of assembly, with a great deal of building and flying fun to be had.

  • An easy, quick build kit that's also tough AND repairable.
  • The ultimate introduction to building strong, lightweight micro aircraft using modern materials, clear canopy and 3D printed parts.
  • Use of the latest electronics and power systems from Microaces.  
  • An ideal platform for taking the step to 4 channel micro RC flying
  • Amazing aerobatic performance in a well balanced package

Based around a 'one design' fuselage with more than a little of the ubiquitous Microaces Scrappee DNA in the mix, the Banshee is available in several distinct wing and tail variants...


The Banshee AIRACE is a purebred racing aerobat for 4 channel Radio Control; a mid wing configuration with zero dihedral, symetrical aerofoil, fantastically responsive aileron control and great elevator and rudder authority too. The AIRACE is a speedy, aerobatic aircraft that's fun to fly on its own, but doubly fun to pitch against a worthy adversary!

A perfect platform for SR3X Stabilization

The Banshee, with direct control over the 3 axis of movement, is an ideal platform to make the most of our latest and most advanced electronic receivers that incorporate SR3X stability control. With full gain control on each channel, 2 switchable levels of stability and the ability to turn on/off during flight, it makes complete sense, and expands the conditions in which you can fly your Banshee. 

Screaming Banshee

The Banshee benefits greatly from our BRUSHLESS performance setup for 1S. Using a GWS4040 prop, AP05 motor and the Brushless AIO receiver, the Banshee is transformed into a hi-performance micro park flyer, capable of everything you ask of it and more.


The Banshee kit comes as standard with a 1.7g rotary servo for aileron control, brushless AP05 motor, prop and adapter.

To complete the kit for flight you just need to decide to:

Install the Microaces BRUSHLESS AIO 5CH receiver giving you All In One convenience of the fully integrated elevator and rudder servo system 


Install the Microaces BRUSHLESS Electronics Pack providing seperate 5CH receiver and 2 x 1.7g rotary servos for maximum control

Both options are available with the following protocols:

  • DSM2/X (Spektrum compat.)
  • S-FHSS (Futaba compat.)
  • D8 (FrSky/Taranis compatible)
  • D16 (FrSky/Taranis compatible)
  • AFHDS 2A (FlySky compat.)

If unsure which protocol is compatible with your transmitter, check your transmitter instruction manual to find out which protocol(s) it uses. (Or get in contact and we will be able to check for you). 

VIDEO Supported Build

The Banshee build is straightforward. There's nothing complex or fiddly to do, plus its completely supported by a comprehensive Video Assembly Guide. The included printed quickstart instructions provide direct links through QR codes to on-line video content that leads you, in detail through the build, ensuring you obtain the skills required quickly AND have the best opportunity to complete the model, ready for flight.


Microaces Banshee AIRACE

Airframe Mid Wing Racing Aerobat
Controls 4 CH Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons & Throttle
Length 340mm / 13.4"
Wingspan 430mm / 16.9"
Wing Area 285 sq cm / 44 sq in.
Flying Weight. 47 - 48g/1.7oz
Wing Load ~16 g/sq.dm / 5.2oz/sq.ft.

Rec. Electronics

Microaces BRUSHLESS Electronics Pack with SR3X

Microaces BRUSHLESS AIO 5CH Rx with SR3X

Motor (Included)

AP05 5000kV Brushless Motor for 1S

Rec. Prop* GWS4040
Skill Level - Build Beginner
Skill Level - Pilot Intermediate 
Tools required

Scalpel, 180 Grit sandpaper or stick,

straight edge, tweezers

Rec. Adhesive Deluxe Materials Foam2Foam 


Kit Content


 AP05 Brushless motor

GWS 4040 Prop and rubber prop adapter
1.7g Digital Rotary Servo for Aileron control
SHEET PARTS 2mm laser cut Depron Airframe sheet
1mm printed & laser cut Depron fuselage sheet
1mm printed & laser cut Depron flight surfaces sheets
200 micron printed & laser cut polypropylene sheet
polyester sticker sheet / vinyl sticker sheet
LOOSE PARTS 0.8mm laser cut plywood motor mounting system
Two 30mm Ø Sponge rubber tires + 3D printed hub assembly
Four 4mm Ø noedymium magnets
2mm Ø carbon fibre rod axle
pre-shaped piano wire elevator & rudder control rods

 3D printed wheel attachment parts

Vac formed prop spinner & clear canopy

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