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Microaces Percee Twin Engine Kit


Dispatch of first Percee kits now expected in January. Delay has been, in part, due to higher than expected kit order rate October - December.

What is Percee?

Based on 1930s twin engine passenger aircraft (the Percival Q6 'Petrel' being a predominant influence), the Percee is the first twin engine kit designed by Microaces. 

The classic 'Golden Age' look of the Percee, with wide fuselage and fixed, faired undercarriage is wildly nostalgic and lends itself to multiple livery options with very different and appealing results.

A Modelling First - Tyvek®

The Percee is also the first kit in the Microaces range to include Tyvek®, a lightweight, malleable material used to skin the Percee fuselage and nacelles. Tyvek®, created by Dupont, has been around since 1955, but this is the first time it has ever been ustilised in manufactured model kits in this way (to our knowledge).

Liveries Available

Percee 'Militair'

The RAF style livery of the Militair is reminiscent of the Liaison & Communication Aircraft of the 30's and has the advantage of being highly visible with ultimate orientation recognition too. 


Percee 'Debonair'

A Civil Airline livery from the 1930s when travel by aircraft was in the realm of the rich and famous. The Debonair has a sophisticated look reminiscent of the period.

Test Video

Glide Testing the Percee Twin. The first time a new Microaces prototype takes to the air is with a glide test, just to make sure it doesn't perform like a brick!

Kit Options

Either of the shown liveries can be selected from the drop down menu above.

Both can be purchased as:

Kit Only - Everything required apart from motors & electronics.

Kit + Flight Pack - The Kit plus 2 x Standard Motor/Gearboxes with GWS4530 & GWS4530R props & adapters, 1 x 5 Channel Micro Receiver with integrated twin 5A ESCs, 3 Axis Stabilization and 4 x 1.7g rotary servos. 

The 5 Channel receiver can be programmed to provide differential thrust for additional yaw control and adjustment of the on-board stabilization.


Microaces Percee 'Militair' & 'Debonair'

Airframe Stand-off Scale
Controls Rudder, Elevator, Throttle, Aileron, Diff. Thrust*
Length 430mm / 16.9"
Wingspan 600mm / 23.6"
Wing Area 4.98 sq dm / 77 sq in.
Flying Weight. 72 - 78g/2.5 - 2.7oz
Wing Load ~14.8 g/sq.dm / 4.9 oz/sq.ft.

 *Available through programming the receiver specified for the kit.

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