Micro Scale Kits for Radio Control
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Microaces Basic Building Tool & Glue Pack

Microaces Basic Building Tool & Glue Pack


The basic tool pack to help build a Microaces trainer kit.

Pack includes:


Deluxe Material Foam2Foam - 50ml. Recommended for most jobs building Microaces kits.

SuperNoz - 3D printed nozzle adapter for Foam2Foam glue for a more precise application


Plastic surgical tweezers - ideally suited for small part placement and sticker handling.

Sanding stick - great for cleaning part edges, creating bevels and shaping & smoothing Depron sandwich parts.

Swann-Morton No.3 Scalpel - Surgical precision tool ideal for cutting, shaping and cleaning up Depron parts. Includes pack of 2 x No.10a blades. 

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