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Microaces Sopwith Triplane 'N500' Flown by Harry Hawker




Making History

Microaces love of aviation history ensures that the aircraft we reproduce as kits look fantastic on static display as well as in the air.

The Microaces Sopwith Triplane kit replicates the innovative fighter designed and built by the Sopwith Aviation Company. Flown in service on the Western Front from 1916-1917 and with its excellent rate of climb, agility and high operational ceiling, it proved more than a match for the German aircraft of the time. It's reputation spurned a brief triplane craze, directly influencing the design and introduction of the Fokker Dr.1 

This particular kit represents N500; the first prototype, flown by Harry Hawker on the 28th May 1916. It instilled such confidence in Hawker that he looped it three times in succession only minutes into the test flight.

Included in this multi-media kit is a vac-formed cowl, spinning dummy rotary engine kit and a spinning 3D printed fuel pump prop. The resulting model has an incredible level of mechanical and visual detail that look great on display but even better when airborne.

This Limited Edition kit sees an upgrade to the detail, including a more scale Vicker machine gun and options to add more rigging too.

Included in this kit...

This Microaces kit is supplied 'as standard' with the most suitable Microaces motor/gearbox and propeller combination for the model.

To complete the kit for radio controlled flight, all you need is an All In One (AIO) Receiver that's compatible with your transmitter.

Selecting the right receiver to complete your kit:

The Microaces AIO 5CH micro receiver is available with the following protocols. If unsure, check your transmitter instruction manual to find out which protocol(s) it uses. Then select the compatible receiver protocol below to view the appropriate receiver to add to your order.

DSM2/X Compat. S-FHSS Compat. FrSky D8 Compat.  FrSky D16 Compat. AFHDS 2A Compat.

3D Printed Pilots

A fantastic enhancement to the kit, that really upgrades the level of realism is a 3 dimensional pilot. Add one to your order for the ultimate 'finishing touch'! 


Microaces Sopwith Triplane Model

Airframe Scale
Controls Rudder, Elevator, Throttle
Length 245mm / 9.6"
Wingspan 340mm / 13.4"
Wing Area 4.0 sq dm / 60 sq in.
Flying Weight. 34 - 36g/1.2 - 1.3oz
Wing Load ~8.8 g/sq.dm / 2.9 oz/sq.ft.
Microaces AIO 5 Channel Receiver
Rec. Motor / G.Box

Microaces Motor Gearbox with LONG prop shaft 

Rec. Battery 130-160mAh 1S Lipo
Rec. Prop GWS 4530
Skill Level - Build Intermediate
Skill Level - Pilot Intermediate
Tools required Scalpel, 180 Grit sandpaper or stick, straight edge, tweezers
Rec. Adhesive UHU por / Foam safe CA / Aliphatic glue

Kit Content

SHEET PARTS 2mm laser cut Depron Airframe sheet
1mm printed & laser cut Depron fuselage sheet
1mm printed & laser cut Depron flight surfaces sheet
200 micron printed & laser cut polypropylene sheet
polyester sticker sheet
0.8mm plywood parts sheet
LOOSE PARTS Two 30mm Ø neoprene rubber tires
Vacuum formed scale cowl
10mm brass sleeve for rotary engine 
Two 4mm Ø noedymium magnets
100mm x 6mm Ø plastic tube
200mm x 5mm Ø plastic tube
1mm x 0.4mm carbon fibre strip
1mm Ø carbon fibre rod
Rigging wire
pre-shaped piano wire elevator & rudder control rods

3D printed fuel pump prop 


Assembly Guide


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