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Microaces Scrappee Classic Biplane Upgrade Kit


NEW - Shipping from 5th March 2021

Upgrade your existing Scrappee Classic to a Classic Biplane

The Microaces Scrappee Classic upgrade kit comprises of two lower wings, plastic interplane struts and a step by step guide on installation. 

It's a simple addition that transforms the Classic into a beautiful bipe, reminiscent of the enclosed cockpit biplanes of the Golden Age of Aviation. 

But it's not only the looks that are enhanced. For a small gain in weight (5g) the additional wings provide an amazing amount of extra lift, making the aircraft more maneuverable and with the ability to fly noticeably slower than the original Scrappee Classic.  

There's no need for additional ballast either. The new wings sit on the CoG so it really is as simple as make, attach and go!

So if your Classic need a new lease of life. The Upgrade Kit is definately a great way to get a new experience from an old favourite! 

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